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HOW TO: Install MSD when running air box eliminator or 54/58mm Throttle body

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SO your wondering where to mount your newly acquired MSD BLASTER when you have a FCI intake w/o Box or WK 54/ 58mm throttle body????


Its simple/// Dig out your Factory AIR BOX or go to Sales section or Ebay and buy one




Cut the Box as shown in picture, leaving the 3 mounting boss' and the top 2 flanges to bolt to subframe...




Grind smooth, grind off the ribs 'on the inside of your new bracket until its cosmetically appealing


Mount your Msd Plate to your New Bracket... LOCTITE center and RH bolt.... We recommend to install all 3 bolts at this time to CENTER the plate on the bracket




Apply Loctite to phillips screws and secure MSD on Plate





Mount new bracket/plate/msd onto Subframe 








We recommend routing the harness and OEM ECU into the tool storage compartment on the rear plastic//// Route harness from the bottom through access hole

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