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Removing Stripped Subframe Bolts

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Figured I'd make a write-up on this since I though it may possibly help others and make it less of a hassle for some. It will make the job easier too if you put some ATF/Acetone mix on the bolt an hour or so prior to this.

What you need: A T50 to screw it up in the first place:lol: , a hammer, 10mm allen wrench, assortment of drill bits (I used 5/16" to 29/64"), a drill obviously, some WD-40 and/or Kroil.

What I did to remove it:

First, I put some WD-40 on the bolt head to lubercate for drilling, and started drilling with a 5/16" drill bit. Got it to the point where it was in a good enough amount so the bigger drill bits would drive somewhat straight and center.

Then, I kept spraying small amounts of WD on the head as I stepped up the drill bit sizes. Once you get to 29/64", stop going up in size.

Lastly, get your 10mm allen wrench, and beat on it to get it into the bolt tightly, it will be a very snug fit. If you used Kroil, ATF/Acetone mix, etc, for a bolt loosener, it should break loose rather easily. Good luck!

What mine looked like screwed up...


Some of the things that you'll need...


Part way through the drilling process...


What you'll end up with...


After the bolt is removed from the allen wrench. The black line is from the spot I marked around the bolt, it wasn't "submerged" very far into the bolt itself, and still came out with ease. Good luck getting the POS bolt out that Yamaha put in :lol:

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