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How to Install Rap 700 Case Support Plate

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Raptor 700 Cases Support plate



These plates help strengthen and support the RH Raptor 700 case which is Prone to cracking under high Hp/ drag racing applications.


IMO the case support works by keeping the Steel bearing race to Aluminum casting secure and un fractured.


If your crank is Not trued properly then you will continue to have issues even with the plate installed


By Reducing the flex and expansion of the aluminum around the bearing race  case life in increased.


These are a great addition to any performance build that will see excess of 80 hp




Pictured is the Cuervo Racing Case support plate with  5 bolt locations


Kit is $30







Locate Factory tapped holes above and below the Main bearing on your RH case half.







Counter sink holes until the O.D. of the hole is between 12 and 13 mm






Install plate with 2 bolts hand tight, center plate on bolts evenly. Center Punch locations for the other 3 bolts



Use 1/4in. drill bit and drill a Minimum depth of 22mm, its OK to drill completely thru







Use 8mmx1.25 TAP and thread the 3 holes


Countersink the 3 new holes


Install plate and use RED LOCTITE on the 5 bolts.


First tighten by hand to evenly center all 5 bolts and plate, TORQUE to 10 FT lbs, then Retorque to 14 ft lbs or 1/8 rotation




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