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  1. Head gasket

    did you resurface the head and/or cylinder to get a good seal? what did you TQ the head studs to? what about your piston rings? might need to have the head resurfaced, will be a good time to throw a new piston in there too if your cylinder is still good.
  2. Rear Paddles

    ive noticed that if your on the gas leaving the lip of a dune jumping and they are not even that you will get kicked a little to one side.
  3. Dune fest 2013 test and tune

    defiantly was a hater of that hood when it first came out. after seeing more and more with race cut plastics its starting to grow on me. sweet bike.
  4. msd problem?

    problably because that setting isnt optimal for your mods. i wouldnt call it a problem.
  5. How to break in a new engine?

    on mine after a rebuild i just let it warm up to operating temp. then shut off, check for leaks, reTQ head bolts. then ride the shit out of it.
  6. where does the original oil passage feed to? just curious.
  7. what to do...

    its hard to plan ahead when its your first raptor. you dont really know what you want until you get out and put some hours on it.
  8. Raptor 700 custom metal products

    cnc cut gusset kit for the mid frame and main frame.
  9. Long travel

    i think youll be happy with a set of used yfz450r shocks. but FOX is where its at for me.
  10. front brake problem

    theres a lil one way valve you can get too that makes it easier. took me a few times, but i got it down.
  11. i flush my coolant system with distilled water like the service manual says to. although many people say regular water is fine to use.
  12. Things drag racers debate over

  13. Cool New Throttle Body Innovation

    wedsite lol. website*
  14. Cool New Throttle Body Innovation

    the design has been on the web for a while. motoXperts will have one for the YFZ450R soon. you can check it out on their wedsite or fb page.