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  1. Any Turbo Rappy's Out There For Sale?

    Sent pm
  2. 2008 or newer raptor 700 throttle body

    Got one.
  3. 2008 or newer raptor 700 throttle body

  4. 2008 or newer raptor 700 throttle body

    Looking for a clean complete throttle body with injector and tps for an 08 or newer raptor 700. Mainly looking for a stock one but may consider a +3. Pm me if ya have something. Thanks.
  5. What would you do?

    I would of gave her a titty twister when she was bumping her chest in mine!! Then zapped the bitch!!
  6. Where are you from, where and what do you ride?

    Hi, name is Jeff. Im from Pa, i operate heavy equipment for a living. I ride a 2006 banshee. All i do anymore is hill climb the steepest and nastiest coal hills around! Motor is a ported 10cub built by Cameron at Redline. It makes 111hp59tq. Im looking forward to riding the sand for the first time at the big hq ride! Hope to meet some of yous!!
  7. BHQ vs. RHQ

    Wow! Thats what im talking about! Here in Pa.. Doing what we do(hill climb) our group of banshee riders are the "top dogs" im looking foward to the REALITY CHECK!!
  8. I bet!! I was just playing! I could careless about drag racing. Well the results of the racing anyway! Im just all about meeting new people and having a great time!
  9. This ride is gonna be amazing! I was so pumped up when me and a buddy pulled the trigger and decided to make the journey from Pa! Now with the raptor boys in the mix it will make for an even better time! Im looking forward to meeting you guys! I just hope i dont have to come home and tell my buddies i got spanked by a 4stroker:-( lol!!
  10. BHQ vs. RHQ

    I guess the old saying is true! "No replacement for displacement" there are some extremely cool/good looking bikes on this site! Kinda wish Tyler would of never started this site!! Its probably gonna make me build a raptor now:-)
  11. BHQ vs. RHQ

    I know this is a raptor site, so people here will be a bit bias.. But is the raptor the best/easiest to get big numbers out of? I know quite a few people with 2-4k of work done to their 450's and honestly they are not that impressive! With that said, none of them are turbo bikes! Just trying to learn here.