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  1. Best downhill video i´ve ever seen...

    awesome angles too! I wonder how much money it cost to make a video like that.
  2. The title says it, this is so bad ass!
  3. The PepsiMoto Edition

    i´ll be glad to help Have fun in Mexico!
  4. The PepsiMoto Edition

    Thanks Brett, I appreciate it! I think the tires are the only thing I got from Finland, almost everything else is ordered from the states I can hook you up with a set If you want to. They might get pricey with the shipping though...
  5. The PepsiMoto Edition

    I love both pipes equally, barkers where standard bore pipes, monsters are big bores and much louder, even with quite cores. Both are top notch products! Thanks man, i´ll be taking and posting more pictures and vids this summer
  6. The PepsiMoto Edition

    Hi! Since i haven´t wrote anything about my bike on this forum yet i might go ahead and put some info here.. Except for these "bad ass" tyres it looked pretty much like this when i got it in 2008, it had 1000 miles on it. It was stock engine with aftermarket single pipe, some fuel controller, wider rear axle and +2 american star a-arms. Dont´t ask me what i was thinking when i got those tyres lol The starting point Shortly after that i found moddedraptor forum and the bug got me! I decided to start by upgrading the suspension and building the motor after that. The last thing was to make the bike pretty. Since i´m not a millionaire this project took several years to complete. After i got the Reiger Racing suspension i sent my head to Racers Edge where it got +1 valves, porting job and webb 4 cam. I also got the barkers, +3mm tb, FCI intake, PC3, dynatek ign. and 12:1 CP piston. ...and the dyno sheet (torque is Nm) So there i was, very pleased with the power and handling of the bike. The happiness last for a year or so and then i flipped it pretty hard.. I had it fully insured, but it took a while the insurance company to pay up so i quickly fixed it from parts i had lying around my garage just to get on the road again.. That´s what it looked like then When insurance company finaly paid me i started the final (or so i thought) stage of my project; Making it pretayy! After couple of days the bike was totally apart, i took some of the parts to the paint shop.. and some of them i prepped for chroming, for example this upper a arm took me around six hours to make it perfect. Did some frame polishing That was hard work, but deff worth it! When i had all the parts back i started putting everything together, now that´s a rewarding phase of the project! And the new seat arrived, i still love that "carbon fibre" leather! made by our local Design Eugene After countless hours in the garage the bike was done! And this action shot once again Well i thought that the bike was ready, but surprise surprise i wanted mo powa! So i got a 105.5 cyl and 11.5 CP piston, 54mm tb, +6 falicon, BB Monsters and a Boss Noss kit and threw it all in. Of course i had to polish the bottle first lol All motor
  7. I made it just for fun

    Here it is with sounds
  8. I made it just for fun

    Or if anyone else wants small intros to be done to them i can give it a try.
  9. I made it just for fun

    Glad you like it! I have to adjust the duration a little, but other than that i'm pretty happy with it. If you want to use it for something i'd be happy to send the file to you!
  10. I made it just for fun

    Learning how to use after effects software.. I grabbed the RHQ logo from facebook and here´s a result: I think it came out pretty good for a first timer P.S. There´s no sound in this clip so stop punching your computer
  11. Can you post a link to a common sense please

  13. Enrichment for nos

    Ok, so the orfice that determine whether it's for gas or meth isn't in the jet? It's in the npfi in the end of the fuel line? What's the type of nos line connector that goes from bottle to smart box? I managed to find unf thread 7/16-20, thread type JK 37. Is this correct type?
  14. Enrichment for nos

    I think i'll stick with meth. Thanks for all the answers! I have just one left; how do i meter it?