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  1. What were your first mods to your Raptor?

    first and best mod, selling it.
  2. Best downhill video i´ve ever seen...

    those guys are nuts !, they wreck dam hard ! crazy as.
  3. Cuervo's SB to BB 770

    hell yeh, those arms are killer !!
  4. Show off your turbo builds!

    those turbo bikes look sweet !
  5. ***Official "Sand Hustler" Thread***

    looks great !! sounds like a lawn mower !
  6. Shout box

  7. Your first quad?

    first quad, i was around 25, it was a banshee, i dont know if youve heard of them, probably one of the better quads out there
  8. Tylers next hill banshee...diesel powered

    haha never knew you could get banshee plastics for raptors.
  9. Welcome to RaptorHQ!

    haha was a bad day, until you reminded me why im awesome ! +2
  10. Wear on cylinder

    as said you can still see the cross hatched just a touch glazed. get a bore dial indicator and check for wear.
  11. Welcome to RaptorHQ!

    dam, now im not prem member, i dont gots the shoutbox !! +1 post count.
  12. Intake Of Shame

    no expense spared. still cant get over 70hp.
  13. n/a vs turbo

    turbo ! theres no lag in drag !! antilag launch,WOT the whole way. cam timing, ignition timing,, compressor/turbine housing, wheel designs/sizing, piping length/size, so much you can do to minimize lag, but like anything, if you want up there, youre going to lose some down there. nothing aids spool like a small hit of n2o
  14. My '07 770 turbo Raptor

    bike looks great man ! they look heaps better with turbos.