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  1. 770 turbo drag build part-out

    Everything is gone, sorry
  2. We (the customers and owners/riders) can get this back on track, leave the builders out of it and move on. In all reality, cost wise...Marty's build is more comparable to Brandon's. His is a 5 mil stroker, dual injector kit with a few little upgrades (bigger charge pipes, ported shroud), dd lockout, turbo cam, billet TB, fuel system, and a ported head. Weight wise, it's probably a little lighter than mine...I'd guess 360 lbs wet. Marty will have to chime in, but I'd guess he's probably 4k or so into the build. I haven't seen the bike run yet with the new setup, but I'm expecting it to be pretty damn quick. I'll make sure to get plenty of vids of it vs mine to show how about a grand worth of upgrades works on a boosted 700 vs a stock one. And also how it compares to a similarly cost sbss n/a build (Brandon's)
  3. Silver Lake Raptor Rally 2015

    The only thing I haven't got yet is hotdogs for the people who don't like or want brats. If you want, grab hotdogs...if not, my wife will get them tomorrow. I'm planning for around 50 people, but there could be more. I have 120 brats, not sure how many dogs we'll need...but I usually bring two of the bigass packs of koegels, which have 24 in each. This year we have a few more coming than previously, so I'm not sure how many will get eaten.
  4. I know it sounds like excuses, but chads bike is also 400 lbs with 10 psi on it, not exactly a drag setup. For once, I'll stay away from the keyboard racing about how ours will compare this weekend...we will all see what happens Saturday.
  5. That's was a screen shot of a message from your customer, not prices I gathered on my own...whether it's accurate or not, that's between the two of you.
  6. I always liked this type of thread, but they always turned into a shit talking fest when somebody got butthurt or felt insulted. It will be amazing to see one stay on track without the personal attacks or drama. That's not too much to ask at all, boosted nytro or apex 700 and you've got a mid-high 3 second duner, at the reasonable price of 40k turn-key . By adding air to my front shocks, and adjusting my rear link to lift the ass, my quad still dunes good. I ran the hills and accidentally caught some air last time out. Right now it's just a heavy stock motor, basically stock chassis summer it will be a full sbss build, different turbo kit and a lighter chassis. Should be quite a bit faster, and still dune-friendly for when the racing sucks. I'm sure you remember my "bulletproof" motor debacle, that mess almost killed this sport for me. After over 30k into that build, I was ready to sell everything and take up basket weaving...
  7. I've never ran studs, never lost a gasket up to 18 psi. I've always ran a lockout for comfort sake, so I don't know that from experience. But the quad I bought for a duner used to be ran at 12 psi with the full fiber mod and 30% springs, the clutch looked brand new when I installed the lockout on it. It was a full weight 700 with a 350 lb the clutch took some abuse before I picked it up.
  8. 2015 turbo kit

    Baseline and boosted runs would be awesome. Keeping it a stock motor or going to try cam and head work on the '15 also?
  9. Ok, so that's basically $700 more than a bolt on dual injector d7 kit. Bob, what could you add to that kit for another $700? Cam & stock valve port and studs? +1 head? How big of an increase would one see?
  10. You sure you're not getting "inner circle" pricing?
  11. We'll be sticking to the dunes this weekend. Brandon couldn't make a clean pass either, his was also a wheelie machine. Both of us looked like idiots riding with the front tires 4' in the air in and out of the throttle for 200'. Setup is 100% the key...there will be 6 d7 Raptors at this rally, only 2 are setup for dragging. No offense to the other guys, but they will look slow compared to the two that are more drag oriented. As far as prices for his build, here is his list. Dump those barkers and switch to monster oof's, a msd instead of the pc3, and a different piston now....that's around $4300 not including shipping charges or dyno time.
  12. There will be a professional camera and video crew out there with us, along with probably a dozen or more go pros and plenty of cell phone there should be plenty of footage to watch of this years rally. Brandon and I should be really close, which makes it fun...I haven't seen sachs 812 run yet, but I'd imagine he will be right there too. Martys turbo 727 should be way out front, along with Gary's nitrous 880 if he makes it we'll be battling for second or third place with the big 660, stock motor turbo and sbss cuervo build, haha.
  13. This is a new build, my first stock motor turbo was dialed in and launched hard...never ran that at the track, but the guys I raced with regularly were running 4.5's, and I never had an issue with one of them. The only local 4-stroke that was slightly faster, which wasn't by much was a 220 lb 585cc mmad yfz that made 82 hp on motor...we were super close every pass, but I'd give him a slight edge. IMO from my experience, you won't build a faster n/a bike than a stock motor turbo without spending a lot more. And if we're spending more, a head and cam does wonders for a boosted raptor too...add a TB, and a fuel system upgrade...the sky is the limit. As far as reliability, I've been running boost since 2011, hot lapped and lazy with maintenance, never an issue on two different motors. Marty has 5 hard years on his turbo 727, never an issue other than a trans and cracked case caused by a failed jj&a sprocket hub.
  14. That's basically Brandon's build, he's running vp's corn fuel & monster oof's. His build is around 325 lbs if I had to guess...we'll find out for sure next weekend. On top of that list, he's got a dd lockout. I've seen his build list and price sheet, he's around 5k into the motor. Mine is a stock motor @15 psi...basic $3200 d7 dual injector kit, which was $2800 when I bought it in 2011. That along with a dd lockout. My bike weighs 370 full of fluids, and I'm 20-30 lbs heavier than Brandon. He has 3" more wheelbase and a little more tire also. We both hit the 300' track a few weeks back, neither made a good clean pass...both were feathering to keep the front down, he ran best of 4.74 @ 65 mph. My best was 4.78 @ 71. Mine spun like crazy until the 60', then stood straight up so I had to let off and feather it until the top of third. With some more testing and tuning, we could both have cut off 3-4 tenths IMO without getting jockeys. I know letting off to keep the front down kills my passes...I'd like to try again soon with the front and rear slammed down. Both are setup for dunes more than the 300' track, so we'll see how they compare on the sand next weekend.
  15. $3500 to spend total? That's for chassis setup and motor build? Or is there a separate budget for chassis, and the $3500 is for the motor only?