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  1. looking for a 01 rear shock for a raptor must external resavior

    I think I might still have a couple rear shocks. one is from an 03 and one is from an 02 if I still have them. Will have to look
  2. What did you do to your Raptor today?

    I threw a battery in mine off chad's recommendation. $30 ebay special.. Came charged and fired right up..
  3. blew er up

    I just went for it. You could even leave the plug wire off and dry start it a couple times to start the oil circulating..
  4. 2nd Monster Quad ATV Clear Cam Cover Giveaway!

    Favorite spot so far. Haven't gotten the 700 out there yet.. (Click for Video) Kitzmiller,MD
  5. RHQ Whip Flags

    What if I don't have a whip to put a flag on?
  6. My 2013 Raptor Build

    So I take it your taking the California car duster to it daily? Just biding your time? Fuck that bury that sucker to the headlights..
  7. My 2013 Raptor Build

    So has this things cherry been popped yet?
  8. **BVC Racing Giveaway!**

    congrats guys!!
  9. RaptorHQ Hoodies

    Love my hoodies.. Nice and warm!!
  10. Barker Big Bore Duals Feeler

    Are monsters really that much better? I see people trying to off barkers for monsters. I just want duals.. No need to be greedy..LOL They look nice though
  11. **BVC Racing Giveaway!**

    I want in!! Thanks to all the Sponsors that do this for the community!!
  12. There is only so much people have time/cash for. I think the draw is new people to the sport looking for Write Up's/How to's with pictures and clear instructions. That's what led me to RF and MR. Working on my own stuff is a plus.
  13. What do you guys do for work?

    Atleast you don't have to say paper or plastic 5,000 times a day like I did starting