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  1. Cheap/free mods?

    After a turbo kit the next best mod is a diet.... we all suffer from this and it's easier to buy horsepower than to diet... it's just how it is...most turbo guys fit into this category including
  2. I think you know my bike better than I do. Im not even sure how it will run.. but if I had it to do all over again I would have bought a stock 700 and bolted on the turbo kit with a +8 arm and left it at that.. the cost a reliabilty at that level is very hard to beat. We all know how Bob takes care of his customers so upgrades are hard to and if you grenade a turbo bike for some reason you can buy another stock engine for the cost of a fancy crank in an NA bike. I never wanted an expensive head as its too easy to ruin when things go bad... I always plan for the worst I guess. The turbo is the biggest lump sum investment. But like I said if things go bad another stock engine is cheap. Its not nice seeing a $1500 crank hanging out of an $8000 engine. Im still running a junk hotrods crank in mine that is on its 7th season and if it goes Im buying another stock 700 engine and bolting this kit on it...I just hope to get it somewhat dialed in at the rally and hope I have enough arm for the
  3. LSOK RaptorHQ Spring Ride

    I mentioned this trip to the wife... she thought it would be better as a guys trip.... I will be selling tickets for a spot in the trailer and RV if things work out...just saying... and NO N/A bikes are allowed in my trailer... I don't need the drama or tears.
  4. Australian 700r turbo project

    He has a good point... may just need to add an orifice in there to help keep the oil pressure up in the engine... but Im really just talking out my ass nice progress too.
  5. Silver Lake Raptor Rally 2015

    I plan on bringing a case full of whoopass and also plan on being the poser at this event like other past events.
  6. I was looking into" Brett Sanderson Hustler megabucks green".... barrel roll brown is out of the question
  7. I can send you one.... Bob sends me one everytime I spank Whitey... so Ive got plenty to give.
  8. I may have a few of those... take down that number white.. you may need it.
  9. Blah, blah,blah........ N/A guys... ...........................bahahahahaha!!!
  10. LOL... I'm not that big of a and it's just an 87 2 tone Silverado... nothing special except it's a survivor... I have plates on the other cars.. Grey T type has WICKEDT, GN has 6PAK2GO and my company Cherokee has ARMORIT... I do truck liners called Armor Coatings when I get so the tan truck needs something.
  11. I do need to find a personal plate for my tan truck... seems like anything I come up with has already been taken.... as for what I did to the raptor today I did pick out a PC color and I got the 3 mod out for a ride....there may also be a couple of parts in the mail for the black bike
  12. and you............BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!, maybe you call it southeast. but you knew who I was talking about.. .. you'll get plenty in your Vag next year without that 870..................................870cc!!!!!!!
  13. Figured a guy over in Southwest lower MI may have it by now.
  14. Ordered my new truck plates today... I'm surprised it wasn't taken. lol
  15. RaptorHQ Official Live Thread!

    Lets not talk about that snowmo-quad....600' wheelies on a soft I lined up next to him once...just once.