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  1. shared trip to the dunes

    yeah................... PA people are not allowed to go to Idaho. I guess there's a rule about it some were. its going to come down to ,do you want to go ?
  2. shared trip to the dunes

    i'm ready and willing to hit the dunes in Idaho this June . cant do it by my self . any takers ?
  3. I really want to go but cant do it by my self . any one what to share a ride out and back to UT or ID. most likely this June some one or two from Michigan, Ohio ,Indiana works best for me . lets talk
  4. if you were looking for some one to go how would you go about doing it ?
  5. i'm sending out a vivite to, almost anyone in the north east US, that would like to ride the sand in Idaho . trip happens over the labor day week. can you do it ?
  6. have you ever wanted to ride the dunes in Idaho ? but could never find another person to go with . I'm tiring to fine at least one more guy , maybe with in 200 miles of Michigan Ohio state line , that would also like to ride ST A's . plan is to leave for Idaho the Friday before the week of labor day ,make the long drive out there and spend the week riding as much as we can . thing is ........we need one more guy . can you do it ?
  7. Silver Lake Raptor Rally 2015

    dang , the 20th ! I may have to change my plans and get to the dunes