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  1. 2014 BHQ/RHQ Ride in Waynoka

    anyone from MI making the trip?
  2. Tyler is a dip shit.. Why would you pin the 2013 ride?? dumb ass...
  3. Anyone from MI making this trip?
  4. Silver lake July 19th

    I'm looking for some confirmed people to ride down to LS with me for the HQ ride.. went the last 4 yrs. Its a blast.
  5. Silver lake July 19th

    Sandfest? not going to do the BansheeHQ ride sept. 25?
  6. Silver lake July 19th

    I'm planning on going that weekend also. Dont think I'll do the track though.
  7. Silver lake July 19th

    I dont know.. its a lot of work at times.. I know a few.. They're always so hi-strung and easily agitated.. lol
  8. Silver lake July 19th

    Yah I was the loner on the south east end. My bike is nothing to brag about.. I'm sure if we could run out more gears I wouldn't be much competition for you guys.
  9. Silver lake July 19th

    I got out there about 1 and left at 5.. I couldn't make a lot of passes.. had my kids with me and my friends left so i had to sit with them.
  10. Silver lake July 19th

    white and blue banshee with oof's.
  11. Silver lake July 19th

    White, I think I raced you a few times out there last weekend. Your raptor rungs good. You got me the first few times.. then I think i got a few on ya. Sucks not being able to really stretch the gears. Fast raptors are kinda neato.
  12. my son and I hill climbing

    That hill is novice level.. can't edit here.. wtf..
  13. my son and I hill climbing

    that his novice level...
  14. Ss/sb dyno

    gotcha.. that might be a bit too far for me to travel. lol
  15. Silver lake July 19th

    meh.. just add gear. lol But yes. East to west before the first hill.