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  1. **JDS Customs grille giveaway!**

    What would it take to start the giveaways again? Or how about a raffle to pay for the part? Or is there still issues doing that with paypal still.
  2. Well the thread was all about the information for a couple pages....
  3. I know you've said several times you've made around 200hp butI haven't seen photos or videos of one of them so I was curious about what goes into a serious turbo build like that? Are they like the duner setup or is something more hardcover required
  4. It is serious mang, like I said I'm trying to have a real discussion.
  5. Bob do you have any bikes or builds that have ran faster than 4 seconds in 300ft with one of your turbo setups?
  6. Yea no kidding with that kind of weight behind it. That's impressive you can pump so much power through them and still be reliable. Thanks for the information . I started this thread for good conversation because with all the BS aside there is good information from the actual customers. I've just had the opposite experience in the turbo world from wanting more than just a fast duner. But obviously that is with a different turbo builder. I've spent a grip trying to chase reliable 30psi lol. Is it really that much to ask for to have a sub 4 second bike and still dune?
  7. Dual injector kit with no head studs or lockout correct? Will a dual injector at 15psi be reliable with the stock clutch and head bolts?
  8. Nope, made sure I was accurate before posting lol
  9. Oops, messed up my post. Going straight to monster pipes and msd saves money as well.
  10. Prices for the NA parts have gone down . What I quoted was the direct prices from the dealer. MSD, monster drag pipes, no cylinder studs, tb, have all gone down
  11. He does not need a DD lockout. That's just a bonus. But that parts list is legit, I'm not sure where the other money is in his motor then. I know I've beat 3 D7 bikes on a sbss, not including the other weekend at the Rally because I was on a crazy 861cc carb'd bike. Yea they were just normal Duners but hell that's what I did with mine too lol. I've seen what they can do. But I also know that you spend more time with setup than most ever pay attention to Kyle, and that's good to show what it is really capable of. I don't know why Brandon's is only running a 4.7 at 65mph, he should def be a little quicker and more MPH, sounds like he needs a little more work too. But with your 71mph you should be in the 4.3-4.5 area as well, imagine without having to let off for the front end. Are you guys going back to the track or just racing a bit at the Rally?
  12. Do you need 20lbs? Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure. But I'm very interested to see how White's bike does against the stock motor turbo. I'm jealous everyone gets to go ride while I bake in the socal desert lol.
  13. There's definitely some preference with which way you rather go. I've ridden several turbo bikes and many N/A bikes and the difference is huge. The turbo setups I rode were very smooth but had a ton of torque, where the high compression setups were more Raw and snappy. But I also think dependability is important to. Seems like it's hard to keep a turbo alive at 20+ psi on a bike, but that's when the fun really gets started lol. Here's the cheapest hot rod setup I know of. $1500 For CR Head package, with cam, hardware, rockers etc $140 Stud Kit $100 In Gaskets $100 HD Upgraded Clutch $800 54mm TB w/ injector $595 Monster Pipes $300 MSD $350 14.5:1 Piston $3885 Total. A few hundred dollars over budget. But this build will make 82hp over a large RPM range, no mountain cliffs for it to fall of RPM wise. Strutted on a stock bike with paddles this would run 4.6-4.8 in 300ft. Power to weight ratio with a stock bike minus the weight of factory muffler, tb, and internals roughly 10-15lbs, we'll say 12lbs. Factory 422lbs-12= 410 on stock wheels. 410lbs with 82hp gives me 5lbs per horsepower. And no spool time, no added spinning parts. This build will last 100's of hours with maintence.
  14. $3500 for the total build. Studs, lockout, axles, gearing cost extra.
  15. This debate raised on facebook, and that place is a black hole of real information. So I brought the topic here. In your opinion, which engine setup could you go quicker with in the 300 ft or the general 600ft hillshoot? Figuring you have a stone stock bike to start from, and you had to buy brand new parts, which setup would go faster on the budget? Obviously the fastest Raptors are currently K&T's on the hill and 300ft with around 200hp. But what about the average Joe? What realistic dyno numbers would you see from either setup? What about weight of the bike? Logical conversation is encouraged