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  1. Which Wheel

    Yeah but if you are running stock hubs (which you are in the pictures) it would be hard to polish them with all the pits. granted chrome would need them to be smoothed out as well...
  2. Project bike custom seat cover

    That looks KILLER!!!
  3. Which Wheel

    Why not consider going black wheel with polished or chromed hubs?
  4. 2014 New Years Resolution

    Quit smoking and start getting back in shape.
  5. Video from SMNV Halloween 2013

    Shredder you do realize you started this whole thing? You need to grow the fuck up and stop starting shit. Now before you go saying I am a cuervo jocky or ass kisser or I deep throat for them, I dont even have a quad anymore and like to read the forum to see who is doing what. However from someone who knows a little bit of the past between the two shops (I mean little as in what is read on the forums) you literally picked this fight out of no where. sure Daniel probably knew who owned the quad but chose not to say who it was. You started a fight because you thought it needed to be shown that you have bigger balls behind a keyboard than to Daniel's face. You could have roosted him but you didn't, you could have gotten in his face and screamed at him but you didn't, you could have picked a fight to his face but you didn't. Instead you chose to fight with a keyboard. Please Shredder save yourself anymore embarrasment and shut up.
  6. Xtreme Motorworks Open House and Cruise -In! 8-25

    Most likely I will be swinging by. I am driving from Oak Harbor to Spokane that day anyways and you are on the way.
  7. what do you do for a living?

    Logistics for the Navy. I order parts, and anything else that may be needed to support the navy's job. anything from a ballpoint pen to a 6+million dollar aircraft part. I love the job i do as I only work 645AM-245Pm on shore but when it comes to deployments the 20+ hour work days suck. I also am required to hold a secret security clearence for my regular job, however if i was to go and do spec ops supply i will need to get a top secret security clearence.
  8. Crooks at Apple!

    I can't stand how slow the droids get after a while. I have the Iphone 5 now and have had no issues with it since I got it. the battery life is ALOT better than the droid razr I had before the Iphone. I use the Iphone more than the droid and I don't have to charge it till I go to bed. with the droid I would have to charge it at work then when I got home and then once before bed. I hated having to take a charger with me everywhere I went. I haven't had to go to the apple store yet though.
  9. ***Official "Sand Hustler" Thread***

    That gas tank is like a damn mirror! I love watching this build thread. The sick video's deffinatly help keep you wanting to come back.
  10. First to 1000 posts! Who's it gonna be?

    Then You would lose?
  11. "Most Wanted" the turbo raptor

    It's easy to pick on on the banshee guys thats why.
  12. Tattoo's

    I have something small from every country I have ported in. I tell the tattoo artist to give me the countries good luck thing. However most of the time the tattoo artist starts laughing at the tattoo but jokes on him, I want a story to tell behind them. My right arm is going to be my "navy" sleeve it will be added onto each time i hit a port in other countries I have been. So far I have been to: Lisbon, portugal(rooster) Marmaris, Turkey(evil eye) Bahrain (no tattoo from there as it's illegal) Dubai (same as bahrain) Athens, Greece(owel holding an olive branch) Naples, Italy (Puchinello and MT. Vesuvius) Palma, Spain 9 (Bull) I also have Family tattooed on my right side. it needs to be fixed though. Was my first tattoo and was done the day I turned 18.
  13. What do you guys do for work?

    I am a Logistics Specialist in the Navy. I sit around all day waiting for someone to order parts to fix an aircraft. It could be anything from a O-ring to a Engine costing 5,321,000. Most of the time I am sitting at the computer not doing anything...
  14. First to 1000 posts! Who's it gonna be?

    Well brett is keeping us thoroughly updated on his build thread so he should be winning...
  15. 90's + is the new 80's ... post them up