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  1. Video from SMNV Halloween 2013

    Its called respect...........what did you have at 16? could you rebuild a raptor? that's not thin air its black and white. what part of I went up to him in person to put this D7.Cuervo stuff behind us didn't you read? What a brain you must be. you guys can spin this anyway you want, and continue being the internet bullies and cheer crew, the real people outside this ring know the truth. please enjoy your very small penis envy group..............its obviously all you have!!!!!!
  2. Video from SMNV Halloween 2013

  3. Video from SMNV Halloween 2013

    So 1st of all lets get one thing straight, I have never said I wanted to be your friend, because I wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire, What I did say is lets try put the D7/Cuervo thing behind us........for the good of everyone. I would have been just as happy to drop you where you stood and roost on you as I left, but I was asked by several people and told by one to play nicely with you. And out of respect for those people and the real reasons many were at Sand Mountain, I did just that. Josh's bike ran very good, perhaps the best on the hill. and it stayed together. I truly look forward to our next encounter, it may perhaps be MY favorite one!!!!
  4. Video from SMNV Halloween 2013

    and you know that wasn't some kid on a nitrous raptor it was Kevin from D7, a 16 year old that has built his own quad with very little supervision, if you don't like Bob or Me or D7 fine don't be ignorant about a 16 year old doing very good things in a sport we all love. Its not easy to play this game when you flip burgers for a living.
  5. halloween 2013

    Sand Mountain is awesome at Halloween, Been to Dumont before and it was fun but Sand Mountain Rocks on that weekend, the date is 26/27th of Oct. Brad you know we got your back, Bob said he will put you up in his Motorcasa just bring Coors Light!!!! oh yeah and Robert! get here early unless you have someone holding real estate for you will just have to fill in the open areas. Tons of racing on both drag hills, the slow bikes like Brads will be on comp hill and all the fast bikes will be over on super comp. Sorry Brad......couldnt refuse. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Monsterquad Paul, Marvin Shaw Tim will be there, the D7 gang, Hoping Tony and Vanessa from Ragged Edge are coming down from Montana.and upwards of 7500+/- other folks its a great party for the kids too! Bring candy and your costumes for Saturday night........tricker or treating gone wild....You'll see. if any one needs anything let me know, if you need race gas or whatever. Mike 775-771-6900
  6. Labor Day 2013 Raptor showdown at Little Sahara Utah

    Sand Mountain is 25-27 of Oct...............tons of quads
  7. Labor Day 2013 Raptor showdown at Little Sahara Utah

    Hey mike you coming to sand mtn nv for Halloween?
  8. Raptor 125?

    Jade I have a 2011 that Im going to sell, runs great well maintained if your interested Mike
  9. WTB Electronics Pan

    I have 3 of them......the original pans ...........110 ea and can go out tomorrow Paypal : call Mike @ 775-771-6900 all boxed and ready to go!!
  10. Raptor 125?

    I'm Trying to get a friend of mine to build a pipe for them but its down the list
  11. Raptor 125?

    go up 2 on the rear sprocket and run the 20' great for us!!
  12. Winchester raptor rally may 16-18

    I dont mind the bantering when the banterer is the one in question. This whole thing is between 3 people. Daniel Bob and I, no one else. Everyone else that posts is just a packmule.......following the ass in front of them. What makes this so funny is that we dont race......never have, we dont do 300', we dont do FSA, or any other sanctioned racing. For the normal Joe to buy a turbo kit slap it on a Rappy and have some fun its more than fun and competitive. Its sad when people send out attacks on people that you never have even met. you guys should be focussing on the guys that have been kicking your asses like the guys from Roosterbuilt, Racer Edge, Kenz and Quadracers crew, just to name a few......Jus Sayin. Again, I wish Chris Tribe and his crew the best for the up and coming event. Its a great time for family and friends to get together...... .........the "Rip Ass" Will be missed. I will not respnd again on this so bash away Mules!!!!
  13. Winchester raptor rally may 16-18

    Yep that was all said, none of it by me, none the was said and you have absolutely no clue of any of the behind the scenes stuff that was and had been going on. You purchased a very nice quad and all of a sudden your an expert. We run from no one and at 290 lbs I don't hide from anyone either. For 2 years we went to the rally and had a great time just as we would have this year if we weren't going else where. So get over yourself, get over this ordeal and stay on point. We wish Chris Tribe and his rally team the best and always will.
  14. Winchester raptor rally may 16-18

    Brad, it because of people like you and serveral other that we are truly going to miss the rally this year. You and others are the reason that we support the raptor community like we do. The decision to not go to the rally was made last year in July. At that time we had to make a tough decision on whether or not to go back and we decided to go to another riding area. And support another event. It's a 11 hr drive for us there, it's 11 hrs to St Anthony's, 9 hrs to Dumont and 14 to Glamis so when you get only a week a year we had to choose. Most of you will be missed
  15. Raptor 125?

    20x10x8 - 6 paddle Haulers