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  1. Made a few of these to take to the Raptor Rally at Little Sahara, Waynoka this past weekend. I have a few left and have some at powder coating. Not looking to sell a ton of these and hope I don't need to be a vender to list them here. Anyway the polished ones are $35 +$5 shipping and the powder coated ones are $45 + $5 shipping.
  2. Side by side comparison alba +2 and tusk axle

    That is the way Yamaha should have done them factory!! I have +2 Laeger arms and the same axle. Sure makes them ride better!!
  3. My sons blaster he is working on

    Awesome!! Nice to see a young rider learning to work on his own machine. He will appreciate it more and take better care of it when he realizes what the parts cost to fix it.
  4. Shocks

    Stock rear shock is good. YFZ 450 fronts are a cheap upgrade and are 3 way adjustable. I have them on both ours and they work great when you get compression and rebound set for your weight and type of riding.
  5. power coat

    Black is better!! Goes with any color.
  6. Mods for Raptor 80

    We had to have head lights and tail lights to ride at the dunes at night so that was what we came up with. The didn't light things up the greatest, but he wasn't riding overly fast either.
  7. **BVC Racing Giveaway!**

    I'm in. And this post makes 50 for me!!
  8. Mods for Raptor 80

    Here is a link to our project machine that shows some of the mods we did: http://www.performancemachine.net/raptor_80.html
  9. Mods for Raptor 80

    If she is 12 you probably need to get her a bigger quad. My son had his 80 from age 4 to age 10. His was a big bore (90cc), FMF pipe, clutch mod, added 4th gear, K&N filter, aluminum wheels, and better tires. It never did really get around good at the dunes. We had better luck with his Scorpion dirt tires than with paddles. The 80 even modded just doesn't have enough torque to get it up on the sand quickly. We spent more time digging my son out than we did riding. If I were you I would get a Raptor 250 or even a 350 and limit the throttle if need be. I put my son on my Raptor 350 in the spring of 2013 at 10 years old and he loved it. We had an offer we could not refuse to sell it so we did. I didn't want to go back to an in between size machine again so we bought him a 660. First thing we did was widen it a lot.
  10. in need of rocker cover

    You should not mix and match the rocker covers and heads. They are a matched machined part from the factory and have matching numbers engraved in them. I have a couple cam gears in my used parts bins. I think they have the decomp pins tig welded in place.
  11. New '01 rappy660 owner have a ?

    When you push the button to start it does the temperature light on the dash come on? If so then the light is at least working. This is designed that way as a self test of the light. Next you can test the fan by unplugging it and jumping it right to 12 volts to see if it comes on. If that works then the only other thing would be the senders. Not sure how to test them other than in boiling water and checking continuity. The fans on ours come on occasionally but seems like only if we are idling around.

    My son was intimidated the first few rides on his 660. It didn't help that I gave him a big lecture on respecting the power it has versus his 80 and 350. He was afraid to give it any throttle for fear it would dump him off.

    Took my 11 year old to Little Sahara, OK for his first dune ride on his 660. He is no speed demon yet but handled himself very well. Here is a pic of him sitting on his machine.
  14. what do you do for a living?

    I am an automotive machinist. Been doing it since finishing Vo-Tech in 1986. Crank grinding is my specialty, but can do any of the machining that comes in the door.
  15. Carb issue

    Doubtful! I have never been to Sandfest but always thought it would be fun to go just once. Not a real big fan of riding down there when it is so busy. Our 660's are pretty much ready, though. My son's +3 arms and brake lines are supposed to be here tomorrow and that is the last thing on the agenda before Raptor HQ ride. Here is his new ride: My buddy got me premium money out of our 350 so this is what I bought to replace it. More ATV than I wanted him on for a few years, but that's what limit screws and wider arms and axle are for. He rides it pretty well and picked the clutch and shift up very quickly.