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  1. Xp porn

    Wtf with the last few post
  2. Just another 700 build

    Heard his last build got smoked by a rzr. Also hear he lost his sleeves over the race
  3. Raptor drag bike

    He sold it
  4. Another "Hustler" bike in the works.....

    How long is that swinger ^^ Nice looking rides like always Brett
  5. Thanks to Paul at Monsterquad Atv

    Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  6. 2012 yfz450r pro level mx bike

    Thanks guys my friend actually bought the quad so it never got Parted out.. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  7. Who builds them for you turbo guys
  8. Video from SMNV Halloween 2013

    Congrats Josh and Cuervo and all who were involved in this build.. Its no joke for sure!
  9. Raptor 700 Parts for sale

    Just put your hubs on for wheels.. As for sprokets you would need honda. Comes with a super light ti rotor
  10. Raptor 700 Parts for sale

    Someone buy up this stuff so Brett can get my cf axle for the sand hustler
  11. Axle is new, all hubs are honda pattern. All hubs have titanium hardware, wheel studs and nuts are titanium.. Rotor is titanium and brand new. All parts included and all parts are new.. I have over 2100 in this bad boy. 1800.00
  12. Yfz part out.

    No cf junkies on this site or what?
  13. Anyways some of you might be interested in the cf axle with all ti hardware and billet hubs.. Its on yfz tech.. Axle is new along with the rest of the accommodating parts 1800.00
  14. grudge/weekend warrior/FSA bike

    It will happen either the 19 or 26.. But I'm sure you already knew the dates Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 4